Integrated Blowing Filling Capping System

 Our integrated blowing / filling / capping system is a compact integrated system designed for high speed. The system guarantees high quality standards and output speeds ranging from 14,000 to 52,800 bottles/hour.


Space saving: for operations where reduced square footage is the primary requirement thanks to its extreme compactness and small overall dimensions.

Extreme operating flexibility: it can handle a wide range of bottles, necks and caps sizes (both flat and sport). Several technical innovations installed allow for a short change-over times.

Ergonomics: only one operator controls the whole system.

Costs reduction:

- reduced operators number

- Reduced consumption

- No air conveyors (less energy consumption)

- No rinser: less water and energy consumption

- Elimination of maintenance costs and change over times for the air conveyors

Hygiene: a preform treatment system, the short connection between blowing and filling, the over-pressured environment are guaranty of high hygiene level.

Efficiency: the blow moulding machine and the filler are electronically coupled and special transferring systems are foreseen to reduce the stumblings. The integrated design of the system ensure an high efficiency of the overall platform.