Blow Molding Machines

  • Thirty Liter Container Blow Molder

    Our state of the art automatic blow molding machine is designed for coolers and kegs of volume of 20L-30L. The B&R enlarged screen enhances visualization and allows easy operation of all process parameters. The patented air recovery system allows the machine to reuse compressed air to cover 100% of low pressure line demands. 

    Automatic blow molder specially designed for PET coolers and kegs of volume 20-30 l. 

    Output up to 200 

    Bottle volume liter 20 - 30

    Blowing pressure air, bar up to 40 

    Low pressure air, bar 8-10 

    Low and high pressure air demand, m³/min for keg 30 liter 

    Cooling liquid temperature, 0F  42 

    Voltage supply  400 V/50Hz 

    Installed power, kW  80 

    Overall dimensions, mm  6700х2400х3100  

    Weight, kg    6050 

    This model has several constructive decisions which guarantees needed output and quality of bottles. 

     High machine performance is provided by mold closing system designed on linear rails.

     Touch screen controller of Austrian B&R company with enlarged screen for visualization enhancement and easy operation of all process parameters.

     Servo drive system is implemented for stretching unit for easy control and stable rod speed.

     Air recovery system with reuse of compressed air from high pressure system allows to cover 100% of low pressure line demand.

     16 temperature regulating zones for preforms deep heating and uniform material distribution what is especially important for heavy weight and thick wall preforms.

     Special loading manipulators install and remove preform from heater spindles and orientate it in right position.

     Stretching rods developed specially for thick-walled preform for 20-30 l bottles guarantees blowing process stability and exclusion of deformation.

     Blowing station is provided with original block of valves designed by PET Blow Molding R&D department.

     Innovation air cooling system provides uniform distribution of temperature from outer to inner preform wall with production rejection rate elimination.

     Water and additional cooling system of mandrel for easier temperate balance maintaining and reduction of preform thread part overheating.

     Bottle oriented out feed system.