Blow Molding Machines

  • Automatic Ten Liter Bottle Blow Molder

    This blow molding machine can create bottles from three liters to ten liters and can produce 1600 ten liter bottles per hour. The high machine performance is provided by mold closing system analogous to rotary machines. The stretching rods were developed specially for thick-walled preforms for five-ten liter bottles. This guarantees blowing process stability and exclusion of deformation.

    Output for 3-5 liter bottles  1600 bottles/hour 
    Output for 10 liter bottles  700 bottles/hour
     Blowing pressure bar Up to 30
     Low pressure bar 8-10
     High pressure air demand, m³ 
     Low pressure air demand, m³ 
     Cooling liquid temperature f  44-48
     Voltage supply 400V/50Hz
     Installed power, kW 46
     Overall dimensions, mm  9200x2200x2740
     Weight kg  4600

    - B&R enlarged touch screen HMI for visualization enhancement and easy operation of all process parameters
    - Air recovery system that reuses compressed air from high pressure system into low pressure line which allows you to save up to 25% on air compressor equipment investments.
    - Each blowing station is provided with separate original block of valves designed by PET Blow Molding R&D Department. 
    - Innovation air cooling system provides uniform distribution of temperature from outer to inner preform wall with production rejection rate elimination. 
    -  Water and additional cooling system of mandrel for easier temperature balance maintaining and reduction of preform thread overheating.
    - oriented out feed system with conveyor unit for further transportation to filling line. 
    - two independent blowing units allows to produce alternately two different formats/volumes of bottles.