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Blow Molding Machine Maintenance

Correct machine performance and durable efficiency

Ordinary and preventive maintenance contracts, for the proper functioning of the machines, to keep high efficiency levels over time at a fixed annual budget cost.
PET Blow Molding believes in the importance of maintenance and apart from standard warranty package, in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction, offers a preventive maintenance service based on personalized contracts.
The contracts, in fact, are only signed after our qualified personnel adequately analyze machine conditions, age and use to define custom made solutions.
Correct, punctual and extremely accurate maintenance guarantees machine reliability over the years, allows unscheduled downtime to be avoided, reduces wear and tear and therefore spare parts costs; improve machine efficiency in the customer’s interest.

Blow Molding Machine Spare Parts

Quick availability and fast delivery

PET Blow Molding provide an excellent spare parts service with full stock availability and rapid processing of orders.
A 24/7 service is available at our headquarters and subsidiaries. Each local technical center also have the function of peripheral warehouses with a spare parts receiving and dispatching manager. A total service to reduce waiting periods and to permit immediate part delivery and replacement.
PET Blow Molding’s Italian headquarter continually monitors local center warehouse stock to make sure that they are continually supplied with the necessary articles and to permit them to satisfy customer requests in record time.
PET Blow Molding overcomes borders and distances with an interconnected network of centers located around the world to be able to immediately inform customers of availability and guarantee instant delivery.
PET Blow Molding also offers customized parts packages that allow customers to stock minimal quantities of key components that will help avoid unnecessary downtime.

Blow Molding Machine Technical Training

Focused programs based on the customer’s effective needs

Empowering your personnel with the right skill and competence to run PET Blow Molding machines is extremely important in order to help you maintain and guarantee machine performance and efficiency over time.
A thorough and efficient technical operator training for PET Blow Molding machines ensures correct operations, observance of foreseen contract performance levels and, consequently, customer satisfaction. TECHNICAL TRAINING relies on trainers located in the eighteen worldwide LOCAL CENTERS in order to guarantee quick, punctual and, above all, native-language training without the need of interpreters. Trainers are comprehensively trained at PET Blow Molding’s headquarters to assure high level know how as well as standardized and universal qualification. In addition to standard training courses for operators and maintenance technicians, PET Blow Molding Customer Service offers customized programs to satisfy the customer’s needs. The main objective of PET Blow Molding Training is to render the operator capable of correctly and safely working with the machine, maintaining the productivity and quality specified in the contract.

Blow Molding Machine Technological Upgrading

Optimize efficiency and management costs

We offer upgrades of machines already installed that maximize the life and performance of your equipment. Several types of interventions can be performed on each machine model for different purposes and their feasibility is assessed in an inspection by Customer Service’s team of experts.

PET Blow Molding knows that each customer has different work methods,machine uses and production level needs and creates solutions that adapt to the various working circumstances. Technological Upgrading is one of these: a flexible, quick and customizable service that considers each customer as a single case guaranteeing all the advantages of years of experience and research.

Technological Upgrading is the right answer for machines that need to increase their productivity, improve reliability, accelerate some performances, reduce production costs, and improve final products or the machine working environment.

Blow Molding Machine Energy Savings

Taylor-made solutions to reduce energy consumption

It is clear that today’s market is being driven by cost, whether that results in light-weighting to reduce materials, faster cycles, less investment cost, or greater flexibility to re-tool when a product lifespan has expired.
PET Blow Molding Service Team has developed a number of solutions to reduce energy consumption and to reduce air consumption by means of state-of-the-art air recovery systems.

Mayor energy reductions are achieved by means of:
• Full electric machines
• Use of electric heating elements
• Improve oven efficiency
• Use of induction conditioning
• Energy saving on PET drying systems
• Improved preform cooling systems

Mayor air consumptions reductions are achieved by means of:
• Air Recovery Systems (ARS & ARS Plus)
• Compressed air (blowing at lower bar)